SCEPA Seminar Series
SCEPA and The New School's Economics Department host an annual seminar series featuring highly respected economists from government, academia, international organizations and foundations to address current economic policy issues.

SCEPA Lecture Series

SCEPA's lecture series consists of two annual events: The Irene & Bernard L. Schwartz Lecture, which features a major public figure in economic policy, and the Robert Heilbroner Memorial Lecture on the Future of Capitalism, which features a distinguished, scholarly talk on long-term economic trends.

Past speakers include Thomas Piketty, Robert Gordon, Robert Pollin, Deirdre McCloskey, John Eatwell, Nancy Folbre, James K. Galbraith, Sanford Jacoby, Paul Krugman, William Lazonick, Stephen Marglin, Amartya Sen, Andy Stern and Laura Tyson.

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Click for latest events Event Year Event Category
04.22.2010 U.S. Corporations in the Recovery and Beyond 2010 SCEPA Conference
10.18.2010 Capitol Hill Briefing on Tax Expenditures 2010 Retirement Security
11.02.2010 Did Economists Get It Wrong? 2010 The Irene & Bernard L. Schwartz Lecture
12.13.2010 Women’s Work and the Limits of Capitalism 2010 Robert Heilbroner Memorial Lecture
02.22.2011 Economic Recovery: Unemployment in NYC 2011 SCEPA Seminar Series
02.28.2011 Understanding the Low Wages of Black Workers 2011 SCEPA Faculty & Fellows
03.02.2011 An Interview Study of the Pricing Process 2011 SCEPA Seminar Series
03.22.2011 23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism 2011 SCEPA Seminar Series
04.11.2011 The Precariat and the Current Slump 2011 SCEPA Seminar Series
04.12.2011 From Dark to Light 2011 SCEPA Seminar Series
04.12.2011 G.W. Bush Conference on Economics Growth 2011 SCEPA Faculty & Fellows
04.26.2011 Recover, Rebalance and Rebuild 2011 SCEPA Seminar Series
05.03.2011 Lessons on the Federal Stimulus 2011 SCEPA Seminar Series
05.10.2011 Work, Retirement Security & America's Future 2011 The Irene & Bernard L. Schwartz Lecture
09.23.2011 - 09.24.2011 The Bottom Line on Climate Change 2011 Economics of Climate Change
10.13.2011 Is Economic Theory to Blame for the Current Crisis? 2011 Robert Heilbroner Memorial Lecture
10.14.2011 Structuralism, Development and International Institutions 2011 SCEPA Conference
10.24.2011 Capturing the Gains from Globalization 2011 SCEPA Conference
11.09.2011 How Today’s Recession Affects Tomorrow’s Economic Growth 2011 SCEPA Faculty & Fellows
11.15.2011 Heather Boushey: Inequality, Economic Growth & Stability 2011 SCEPA Seminar Series
11.17.2011 Phil Harvey: The Right to Work & Economic Development 2011 SCEPA Faculty & Fellows
12.12.2011 NYS Comptroller Tom DiNapoli: The Promise of Public Pensions 2011 The Irene & Bernard L. Schwartz Lecture
12.13.2011 From Occupy Wall Street to Austerity: Do Budget Cuts Lead to Growth? 2011 Age of Austerity
04.16.2012 The Euro Crisis From a European Perspective 2012 Age of Austerity
04.17.2012 Do Budget Cuts Lead to Growth? 2012 Age of Austerity
05.16.2012 Growth, Development, and Distributional Asymmetries 2012 SCEPA Faculty & Fellows
10.10.2012 2012 Annual Heilbroner Lecture: Deirdre McCloskey 2012 Robert Heilbroner Memorial Lecture
11.15.2012 Economics of Climate Change, Post-Hurricane Sandy 2012 Economics of Climate Change
02.14.2013 Is America Becoming Ungovernable? 2013 Age of Austerity
02.26.2013 Financial Firms & Economic Crisis 2013 The Irene & Bernard L. Schwartz Lecture
04.03.2013 Towards 2020: A New Chapter in Europe's Climate Change Policy 2013 Economics of Climate Change
09.03.2013 The Economic Crisis and its Aftermath: Alternatives to Economic Stagnation 2013 SCEPA Seminar Series
09.10.2013 Does One Law Fit All? Cross-Country Evidence on Okun's Law 2013 SCEPA Seminar Series
09.17.2013 The Prophecy of Karl Polanyi on the Nature of Neoliberalism 2013 SCEPA Seminar Series
09.24.2013 The IMF Independent Evaluation Office: One Decade of Institutional Learning 2013 SCEPA Seminar Series
10.01.2013 The Great Unknowns: The Ongoing Transformation of the Post-Socialist Economies 2013 SCEPA Seminar Series
10.08.2013 Indivisibilities, the Shapley Value and Fair Prices for Public Sector Services 2013 SCEPA Seminar Series
10.15.2013 The Government Shutdown and Debt Crisis: What It Means for the Economy 2013 Age of Austerity
10.22.2013 Recessions, Health No More? 2013 SCEPA Seminar Series
10.25.2013 SCEPA's Annual Schwartz Lecture: Robert Gordon 2013 The Irene & Bernard L. Schwartz Lecture
10.29.2013 The Rise and Fall of Neo-Developmentalism? 2013 SCEPA Seminar Series
11.12.2013 Growth Expectations, Undue Optimism and Short-run Fluctuations 2013 SCEPA Seminar Series
11.18.2013 Local and Global Impacts of Climate Change 2013 Economics of Climate Change
12.03.2013 Bayesian Mixture Models for Filtering Economic Data 2013 SCEPA Seminar Series
01.28.2014 Macroeconomic Instability and Microeconomic Financial Fragility 2014 SCEPA Seminar Series
02.04.2014 Not "Wage-led" versus "Profit-led", But Investment-led Versus Consumption-led Growth 2014 SCEPA Seminar Series
02.11.2014 Debt Servicing, Aggregate Consumption and Growth 2014 SCEPA Seminar Series
02.12.2014 A Post-Austerity Agenda 2014 Robert Heilbroner Memorial Lecture
02.18.2014 Groundwork for a Critique of Mathematical Modeling in Economics 2014 SCEPA Seminar Series
02.22.2014 The State of Worldly Philosophy 2014 SCEPA Conference

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