Retirement Equity Lab

SCEPA's Retirement Equity Lab, led by economist and retirement expert Teresa Ghilarducci, researches the causes and consequences of the retirement crisis that exposes millions of American workers to experiencing downward mobility in retirement. As a result, SCEPA has developed a policy proposal known as Guaranteed Retirement Accounts (GRA) to provide stable pensions to the 63 million workers who currently have none.


teresaandcoOn October 18, 2010,SCEPA and The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) joined on Capitol Hill to present a briefing titled, “Federal Budgeting for Retirement Security: Examining Tax Expenditures for 401(k)s and Other Retirement Plans.” The event brought together a bipartisan panel of experts on the issue of tax expenditures and attracted a crowd of congressional staff, economists, advocates, and members of the press.

The event documented the limitations and costs of tax expenditures for private pension funds and presented responsible budgetary reforms for consideration by President Obama’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform.

On July 15, 2010, Teresa Ghilarducci shares an oped in Bloomberg's Businessweek, "Solving a Looming U.S. Retirement Crisis," discussing the failure of the 401(k) and the need for reform through the establishment of Guaranteed Retirement Accounts (GRAs) to provide all workers with access to retirement plans at work. 

Journalist Kathleen Pender reports on the political firestorm surrounding the federal government’s inquiry into retirement reform. “The Obama administration is looking for ways to make 401(k) and other defined-contribution plans more like those rapidly disappearing defined-benefit plans, which guarantee retirees a pension for life. One idea under consideration is to encourage or require employers to offer annuities or other "lifetime-income products" as an option in their 401(k) plans.”

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