On March 22, 2013, SCEPA Faculty Fellow Rick McGahey testified at the New York City Council's hearing in favor of legislation to provide mandatory paid sick leave to all city workers, including city employees. Dr. McGahey testified that providing paid sick days for workers would benefit workers and businesses and that any negative economic impact would be slight and more than offset by positive gains for workers and businesses. In his testimony, titled, "The Economic Effects of Paid Sick Leave," he stated:

  • In cities that have enacted paid sick day requirements, the implementation has been straightforward, with minimal impact on businesses.
  • Empirical evidence from increases in the minimum wage strongly suggests that a policy of paid sick days will not have discernible effects on employment.
  • There are economic benefits to workers and to businesses, through increased productivity and decreased turnover.
  • To encourage good quality jobs and support good employers, the policy should be as uniform as possible, with no significant carve-outs for specific sectors.
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