Economics of Climate Change

Led by SCEPA economist Willi Semmler, SCEPA's Economics of Climate Change project explores effective climate change policy in light of fragile domestic and global economies and the practicalities of mitigation strategies such as renewable energy.

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SCEPA's Willi Semmler on His Students and Shaping the Future

Willi Semmler, NSSR’s Arnhold Professor of International Cooperation and Development, says his students reflect the spirit of the time and can play an active role in shaping the world of the future.

How and Why COVID-19 Reconstruction Must Initiate the Great Green Transition

A recent article from Intereconomics, co-authored by Willi Semmler, director of SCEPA’s Economics of Climate Change project, argues that as governments struggle to regain economic strength amid the coronavirus pandemic, reconstruction programs must initiate the great green transition.

Climate Change Policies And COVID-19 Relief Are Not Mutually Exclusive

The Journal Makronom, based in Germany, recently published a piece co-authored by Economist Willi Semmler, director of SCEPA’s Economics of Climate Change project, on COVID-19 and climate change.

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The Economics of Climate Change

In light of the urgency presented by global warming, this policy note makes a case for ambitious mitigation policies aimed at reducing carbon emission.

Economic Growth and Climate Change

This paper sheds light on the various theories which attempt to explain the relationship between economic growth and climate change.

Economic Damages from Climate Change

This paper clarifies one of the most important aspects in evaluating the SCC in IAMs - the damage function - which maps environmental changes to economic impacts.