Past Events

Can Neoliberal Capitalism Affect Human Evolution?

November 12, 2019

Manitoba University Economics Professor Robert Chernomas will present a lecture titled, "Can Neoliberal Capitalism Affect Human Evolution?"

Robert ChernomasNovember 12, 2019
4:00pm - 6:00pm
The New School
6 East 16th Street, Room 1009

Chernomas's co-authored book, Neoliberal Lives: Work, Politics, Nature and Health in the Contemporary United States, argues that what appears today as fragmented social, economic, environmental, and political problems are all manifestations of Neoliberalism- a 40-year-old, class-based, political-economic project to favorably position capital in its struggle to preserve the conditions of profitability.

It examines how the U.S. business class has successfully increased control over, privatized, or modified labor markets, the determinants of health, the health care system, welfare, education, democracy and the natural world with significant effects on our individual and collective life chances.

The connection between genes, health outcomes and life chances are significantly moderated by social factors. Changed physical and socioeconomic conditions in the Neoliberal era have created inequalities as a result of the differential accumulation of exposures and resource access, rooted in class-based circumstances that have been characterized as traumatogenic (capable of producing a wound or injury). The revolutionary field of epigenetics suggests these deleterious effects are transgenerational.

The event is part of the Fall 2019 Seminar Series hosted by The New School Economics Department. The seminar series features lectures, paper and book presentations from prominent economists.