Past Events

Lifecycle Events and Consequences

April 15, 2017

Kenneth Couch is a Professor of Economics at the University of Connecticut.

Kenneth Couch

Couch presented his research, "Lifecycle Events and their Consequences: Job Loss, Family Change and Declines in Health," at SCEPA's Retirement Equity Lab's (ReLab) Political Economy of Aging workshop on November 6, 2015.

Dr. Couch's research interests include disadvantaged groups, their experiences in the labor market, and public policies designed to assist them. He has written about laid-off workers, discrimination, and public programs, including welfare and Social Security.

The Political Economy of Aging workshops are a forum for academics and practitioners to share and engage in cutting edge research in social policy and the political economy of aging. The series is designed to forge interdisciplinary connections and leverage grant opportunities in the field of aging.

The Political Economy of Aging Workshops are sponsored by SCEPA's Retirement Equity Lab (ReLab). SCEPA's Retirement Equity Lab, led by economist and retirement expert Teresa Ghilarducci, researches the causes and consequences of the retirement crisis that exposes millions of American workers to experiencing downward mobility in retirement. As a result, SCEPA has developed a policy proposal known as Guaranteed Retirement Accounts (GRA) to provide stable pensions to the 63 million workers who currently have none.