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Reframing the Minimum Wage Debate

September 27, 2016
Reframing the Minimum Wage Debate Stocksnap

SCEPA Economist David Howell published an article in The American Prospect magazine arguing for the need to reframe the minimum wage debate. 

Based on research by Howell, CUNY Professor Stephanie Luce and New School doctoral student Kea Fielder, instead of worrying about losing low-paying, high turnover jobs, the focus should be on creating jobs with living wages.

Howell leads SCEPA’s Growth and Jobs project, funded by the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, where he seeks to answer the question “what happened to shared growth?” Since the 1980s, U.S. economic growth failed to produce enough jobs, especially “decent jobs.” To understand wage inequality and unshared productivity growth in the United States, Howell focuses on how institutions affect labor market outcomes. His work compares the United States with Canada, Australia, Germany, and France to understand how the distribution and growth of decent jobs compare by economic sector across countries.