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On January 1st, 2016, The New York Times published an oped by SCEPA Director Teresa Ghilarducci and Blackstone President Tony James, "A Smarter Plan to Make Retirement Savings Last."

Mark Miller's New York Times article, "Pushing Aside 401(k)s for Mandatory Savings Plans," tells the story of an unlikely alliance on behalf of improving retirement security.

On November 21, 2015, Institutional Investor published Mark Henricks’ review of SCEPA Director Teresa Ghilarducci’s new book, How to Retire with Enough Money and How to Know What Enough Is.

In “A Missed Business Opportunity: Senior Centers That Are Actually Fun,” SCEPA Director Teresa Ghilarducci suggests that senior centers are an untapped market and cost-effective for government.

Brief — SCEPA's Teresa Ghilarducci and the Center for American Progress' Christian Weller recommend improving retirement savings incentives.

Kim Clark interviewed SCEPA Director Teresa Ghilarducci for Money Magazine on the state of retirement security.

In “When Low-Wage Workers are Given a Stake in Their Own Company,” SCEPA Director Teresa Ghilarducci discusses a grocery chain’s decision to give 15% of the company to its 55,000 employees.

In “How to Help the Middle Class Retire Comfortably at No Extra Cost,” SCEPA Director Teresa Ghilarducci discusses the federal government’s main tool for encouraging retirement savings: tax expenditures.