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The Department of Labor today published a final rule to address conflicts of interest in retirement advice.

New School Economist and Professor David Howell was featured in Lydia DePillis' Washington Post WonkBlog post, “The $15 Minimum Wage Sweeping the Nation Might Kill Jobs - and that’s Okay.”

SCEPA Director Teresa Ghilarducci and Blackstone President Tony James propose a new approach to national retirement savings.

Economist Gerald Friedman is at the center of a heated debate on the economic impact of Bernie Sanders’ economic platform and the role of policy experts in political campaigns.

SCEPA Director Teresa Ghilarducci spoke with The New York Times’s Noam Scheiber about the retirement savings initiatives in President Obama’s 2017 budget proposal.

Capitalism: Competition, Conflict and Crisis” is a new book on modern capitalist economies by Anwar Shaikh, professor and chair of the economics department at The New School for Social Research.


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