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The question addressed in this paper is: can monetary policy succeed in stabilizing the economy even when the policy model on which it is predicated is mis-specified?

This paper explains the Joan Robinson's abandonment of discussing exploitation in The Accumulation of Capital.

The framing of the redevelopment of Manhattan's Hudson Yards as a self-financed project hides the public trade-offs.

This working paper builds on Farjoun and Machover's probabilistic approach to understand the distribution of firm level profit rates.

This paper demonstrates that the Cobb-Douglas function is identically equal to the rules of aggregate accounting with any factor indices and an arbitrary 'human capital' variable thrown in.

The paper develops a model of economic fluctuations in the medium run and their relation with the short-run macroeconomic equilibrium.

This paper argues how a national public bank may be used to finance the national fiscal policy of a country within the euro zone.

This paper discusses how the United States' system of voluntary, tax-favored retirement accounts has failed to produce adequate retirement savings.


SCEPA works to focus the public economics debate on the role government can and should play in the real productive economy - that of business, management, and labor - to raise living standards, create economic security, and attain full employment.