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The essential insight advanced in this paper is that the claim that inflation can impair growth makes most sense in the context of a monetary production economy.

A methodological inconsistency arises from presenting macroeconomic arguments formally and microeconomic arguments verbally.

This paper shows how Keynes-Kalecki Structuralist models might benefit from agent-based microfoundations without sacrificing traditional macroeconomic themes.

The question addressed in this paper is: can monetary policy succeed in stabilizing the economy even when the policy model on which it is predicated is mis-specified?

This paper explains the Joan Robinson's abandonment of discussing exploitation in The Accumulation of Capital.

The framing of the redevelopment of Manhattan's Hudson Yards as a self-financed project hides the public trade-offs.

This working paper builds on Farjoun and Machover's probabilistic approach to understand the distribution of firm level profit rates.

This paper demonstrates that the Cobb-Douglas function is identically equal to the rules of aggregate accounting with any factor indices and an arbitrary 'human capital' variable thrown in.