Retirement Equity Lab (ReLab)

SCEPA's Retirement Equity Lab, led by economist and retirement expert Teresa Ghilarducci, researches the causes and consequences of the retirement crisis that exposes millions of American workers to experiencing downward mobility in retirement.

ReLab Insights

Support for NYC Proposal to Expand Retirement Coverage

The key to Mayor de Blasio's retirement proposal - and to closing New York City's retirement coverage gap - is requiring employers to participate. 

Share Your Retirement Story

Americans are often told that if they can't save enough for retirement, it's their own fault. Yet, we live in a retirement system that has failed millions of workers. To move beyond the myth of blaming individuals, SCEPA’s Retirement Equity Lab is launching a podcast to lift up real retirement stories and experiences. Do you feel prepared for retirement? Do you struggle to live on a fixed income that's lower than you hoped? Do you do everything right, but find you still can't save enough? We...

Older Workers Report

Older Workers at a Glance...

  • 2.9% U-3 Headline Unemployment
  • 6.2 ReLab's U-7 Inclusive Unemployment
  • $823 Median Real Weekly Earnings
  • 13% College-Educated Older Workers in Low-Paying Jobs

Resource Library

New Report: Disparities in NY Retirement Coverage

ReLab's new report, "Disparities & Erosion in New York’s Workplace Retirement Coverage," documents two trends in retirement plan coverage: 1) retirement plan coverage is declining for all New Yorkers, and 2) disparities in coverage continue to exist based on race, education and income. 

The Impact of Guaranteed Retirement Accounts on the Retirement Crisis

  Guaranteed Retirement Accounts (GRAs), proposed in the 2018 book Rescuing Retirement, are universal individual accounts funded throughout a worker’s career by employer and employee contributions and a refundable tax credit. If GRAs were implemented in 2018,1.5 million seniors would be saved from poverty or near poverty by 2025. This increases to 3.6 million seniors by 2035 and 8.1 million seniors by 2045. If we do nothing to reform the current retirement system, the number of...

The Inequitable Effects of Raising the Retirement Age on Blacks and Low-Wage Workers

Raising Social Security’s Full Retirement Age leaves all workers with two bad choices: working longer or living on reduced monthly benefits.

Retirement Tools

Backgrounder: What is the Retirement Crisis?

ReLab’s backgrounder spells out the problem of the retirement crisis, the causes and necessary solutions.

What to Look for in a Retirement Calculator

It’s not hard to find a slew of retirement calculators online. But which one should you use?


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